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New Glarus Glarner Community Field

Uniting Community with Activities

Amount Raised

Fund Goal

In addition to the total fund goal, the District is pledging $2,500,000

Goal 1 $1,400,000

Goal 2 $1,600,000

Project Renderings

Dear New Glarus Supporter

The District will be relocating the football/soccer field across from the high school and has been working on creating a long-term master plan for that area. As part of that planning, the District has engaged staff and community members to create a vision for a long-term plan that includes a versatile outdoor sports and community complex. This multi-purpose field aims to provide a safe, comfortable, and modern venue for year-round classroom activities, sports, and regional events, benefiting students, athletes, fans, and the entire Knight’s community.

To turn this vision into a reality, the New Glarus Glarner Community Field Committee has been formed. Recognizing the limited budget of the school district, the committee, consisting of community members, coaches, and organizational leaders, is leading a fundraising campaign to enhance the complex and achieve the project goals.

To support New Glarus students and the community, opportunities to donate to the new activities complex are being offered to businesses, alumni, current students, families, and community members. If you’re interested in getting involved and being recognized, you can find more information on our web page or mail the donation form with your tax-deductible contribution to the New Glarus School District

Thank you for your consideration



GOAL 1 – $1.4M
FENCING $100,000

GOAL 2 – $1.6M
PARKING LOT $100,000

Knight Vision

Modern Facilities

With the addition of turf, our complex provides a safe and reliable playing surface for all our athletes. It ensures they can perform at their best, in varied weather conditions, while reducing the risk of injuries. It will allow increased use of a space that is relied on daily without needing to rest. It will be able to be used for both game and practice, and have extended timing with lights for early Spring and late fall nights.

The addition of a new concession/restroom building will provide amenities to our community members and our visitors. The placement allows volunteers to be able to support sales of concession while still being able to watch their students at play. Restrooms will be provided so that access is easy for student athletes and community members alike.

Welcoming Community Plaza

Our complex is not just a sports arena; it’s a gathering place for the entire community. The community plaza offers space for events, socializing, and creating lasting memories, fostering a sense of belonging for families in our district and greater community. This will serve as a place of pride and hosted events.

Retaining & Attracting Families

Nothing brings families together like the excitement of high school sports. With our modern complex, we believe we’ll draw in new families and retain existing, enhancing the sense of community and boosting enrollment numbers. An overwhelming percentage of Wisconsin complexes are moving to turf surfaces, and most new complexes are installing straight-to turf facilities. State tournaments are all hosted on Turf fields in both soccer and football.

Staying Competitive

In today’s competitive educational landscape, having modern facilities is crucial. Our new complex keeps us on par with neighboring districts, ensuring we can attract and retain talent.

Versatile Usage

The complex’s design allows for multiple uses beyond sports events. From hosting concerts and cultural celebrations to outdoor classes and community fitness programs, this facility will be a hub of activity, benefiting our students and the wider community alike.

Donor Tiers

Below are the different giving levels available at the New Glarus Glarner Community Field. 

Hall of Fame


  • Bank of New Glarus



  • Wealth Distribution Strategies

All State


  • RBS Activewear
  • Hoeslys, Inc.



  • Bob & Michelle Roth & Family
  • Bailey’s Run Vineyard
  • Brant, Brandi, Elle & Kamm Nehmer



  • Colony Brands Foundation
  • Dirty Dog Taphaus
  • Dr. Bryan and Rose Wierwill
  • New Glarus Sports Boosters
  • Jon & Judy Ziltner, Kristina Ziltner, Kim, Luke, & Nicole Burton
  • Dennis & Lilian Hoesly
  • Zersen Flooring – Ben & Kari Hedeman
  • Joshua & Devon Kammerud
  • The Bright Family
  • Memorial of Kay Roth
  • The Beal Family
  • Kay & Vicki Spidahl



  • Jeff Eichelkraut
  • Doug & Jennifer Thayer
  • Sally Nealis
  • Joel & Kimberly Hedeman
  • The Blumenladen Collective
  • Hubbard Family
  • Missy, James, Christian, and Zak Arnett
  • Terry & Peggy Roth
  • Sugar River Youth Soccer Club
  • Kari & Josh Morrison
  • John Thompson
  • Travis, Mason, & Breckyn Thompson
  • Jesse & Nicole Maynard
  • Hutch & Hide – Tory & Kelsy Hutchison Family
  • Mark & Laura Smith
  • New Glarus Youth Basketball
  • In honor of men like Pat Tillman
  • William & Jacqueline Hustad
  • Eric & Jessie Fink
  • Jay, Theresa, Kellen & Maya Martinson
  • E4 Insurance Services, Brendon & Tacy DeRouin Family
  • Travis, Brandy, Tucker, Kennedy, & Harper Sysko
  • Dr. Dana Doll & wife Erika Doll, Danika, Edan, Chase & Sydney Doll
  • Team Tazeh

Glarner Knight


  • Travis and Laura Jordan
  • 1901 Inc.
  • Todd and Laura Eicher
  • Hubbard, Wilson, and Zelenkova Government Relations
  • Bill & Mary Anne Oemichen
  • Tina & Jason Perkins
  • Anonymous
  • Daniel and Michelle Nommensen
  • John & Julie Ziperski Family
  • Randall & Deborah Engen
  • Carter and Callen Ethridge
  • Jon & Aleta Martinson Family
  • Brian and Stacey Alt
  • Alisa Schepp
  • Eric & Rita Marunde
  • The Grandchildren of Skip & Sharon Marunde
  • Jeff & Beth Buesser & Family
  • Class of 2002
  • LSM Chiropractic Clinic, SC
  • Chad & Jamie Brecklin Family
  • Ben & Sara Brenkman & Family
  • Bret & Beverly Hoesly
  • In Memory of Dennis & Jean Blum
  • John & Sandy Colstad
  • Woodford State Bank
  • Mitch & Lexie Cernek
  • Chris and Kim Seffrood
  • Greg & Nan Engen
  • Dana & Jacque Darrow
  • The Jim Disch Family — Jim, Kris, Kari, Kevin
  • Anonymous
  • Dennis and Cindy Hustad
  • Rob, Jenifer, Brett & Brooke Warrell
  • Ron & Amy Legler
  • Robert & Jennifer Talarczyk Family
  • Dean Streiff Memorial
  • Kris and Sarah Endicott
  • Kristi’s Restaurant LLC
  • Mark, Keeley, Spencer & Nolan Welsh
  • Roy’s Market
  • Adam & Michelle Schiro
  • Lexie Harris (EXIT PRE), Jerry, Jaylynn & Karson Benson

Red & Blue


  • Dean & Rae Reeson Family
  • Mitch and Sadie Einbeck
  • George Hartman
  • Hooper Foundation
  • Todd Schneider
  • Fred and Gloria Bodenmann
  • Erick and Lauren Siegenthaler
  • Mary Klawiter
  • In Memory of Gary Gruenenfelder
  • The Evans Belknap Family
  • Mike, Amanda, Malorie, Mia, Kip, & Emilia Miller
  • In Memory of Vivian Bardell Schlickman
  • Kurt, Sara, Abby and Nathan Hendrickson
  • Symdon Auto Grou
  • Chloe, Levi, and Abby White
  • Jeff & Allison Heil
  • Brian & Kathleen Hoelscher
  • In Memory of Gary Gruenenfelder
  • In Memory of George & Lois Eichelkraut
  • Stuessy-Kuenzi Unit 141 Womans Auxillary
  • Stuessy-Kuenzi Post NO 141 American Legion

Friends of New Glarus


  • In Honor of Kay Roth
  • Shelley Molencamp
  • Matt Felt
  • Cassidy Flannery
  • Anonymous
  • Jo Ann Goodness
  • Happy Holidays to Mr. Sysko
  • Deb Kahler
  • Anonymous
  • Natalie Dillon
  • Karl & Mindy Marty
  • Michael & Amber Wyttenbach
  • In Honor of Kay Roth
  • Anonymous
  • Charlie and Alexa Anderson
  • Cam Jeglum
  • Jill Starz
  • Anonymous
  • In Memory of Earl Jacobson-Class of 1952
  • Wayne Hustad
  • Stace & Amy Jones
  • Mathew & Kristen Funk
  • Anonymous
  • In Honor of Kay Roth
  • Anonymous
  • Jeremy Langfoss
  • Thomas Andreas
  • Dawn Warnke
  • Susan Lockard
  • Bekah Stauffacher & Gregg Jamison
  • Mary Baker
  • Alumni Night 50/50 Raffle
  • In Memory of Kay Roth
  • Memorial for Kay Roth
  • Karen and Kendal Wenger
  • Teri Dearth
  • JJ Flannery
  • Sies Family
  • Dan & Kayla Gehin
  • David & Barbra Cassidy
  • Craig & Linda Belknap
  • Ethan Hefty
  • In Memory of Allen “Big AL” Hanna Class of 1959
  • Joan Estoya
  • Jay Estoya
  • Sheila and Matt Anfang
  • In Honor of Kay Roth
  • Carey Andreas
  • Dan & Christina Bleifuss
  • Susan and George Marotta
  • Dave & Lynne RUFENACHT
  • Diane and Jim Elmer
  • Jelle Family – Dan & Shannon
  • In Memory of Stephen K Zweifel from the Class of 1965
  • Jerlyn Estoya

Naming Opportunities

Below are the different naming options available at the New Glarus Glarner Community Field. 


First Name, Last Name


First Name, Last Name

Donate Online

Please follow the link below to contribute online to this project.


All checks should be made payable to the “New Glarus School District” with the writing “Glarner Community Field” in the memo.

Checks can be dropped off at the District Office or mailed:

New Glarus School District
1701 2nd St, New Glarus, WI 53574


Questions regarding contributions should be referred to your tax advisor. Please contact the New Glarus School District, for further details on how to donate via cash.

More Information

For additional information on how you can support the Glarner Community Field project, please reach out to:

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